Water is an essential part of living. Water plays a very vital role in ensuring an equal, sustained, and viable productive economy. However, the rural community seems to suffer majorly from uneven distribution of good, purified water.
There are so many issues that call for concerns and quick action in sustaining the standard of living in the rural communities, and water is one.
There is an unstable, uneven supply of good water in rural communities. The people in rural communities suffer a lack of good water.
In Nigeria, the primary source of supply of water in a rural community is surface water (river, lake, stream), underground water (dug up well), and rainwater.
All of these are considered unsafe for the health and wellness of these people, and they require extensive treatments even before use.
The river, lakes, streams, etc are the number one go-to place for most populations inhabiting the rural communities because it is free. They source their drinking, cooking, and washing water from there. They even go to these places to wash their clothes, bath and to achieve this, they travel long distances sometimes even to the outskirts of their communities. Especially when some of these sources are dried and they have to pray again for rain.
While some villagers opt for the dug-up well. Which dry off most times and they have to pray for rainwater, again.
It should not be overlooked that these people end up taking harmful particles into their system through this water as the water is not even clean to drink or even to cook or wash. They end up falling ill and dying also due to inadequate health facilities/practitioners.
Adequate measures are needed to be taken: Clean, treated and sustainable water needs to be provided for these people.
The inhabitants need to be educated on the risks attached to taking untreated water.
Igniting Hope Initiative plans to step in as this project would be able to create employment opportunities for many people, this way their standard of living would improve.
The situation In the rural communities needs urgent actions… and we call for help/partnership to provide portable water for them.

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