Educations for the less privileged

It should come as no surprise that rural school children are the most deprived of socioeconomic lives especially when it comes to having quality education and this is basically due to poverty and Neglect.

Many parents do not understand the value of Education as well. And even the ones who agree to send their children to school barely have the funds to sustain them through.

There is a call for urgent attention as rural schools have been left for doom for too long as they rarely have inexperienced teachers. They also suffer a lack of enough teachers for the number of children enrolled in the school.

Moreover, there aren’t enough schools in the rural communities as there are cases where students would have to travel long distances (on foot) to get education and this affects their performance indefinitely.

All these may be linked to government neglects, and also linked to poverty, as well.

Nowadays, teachers prefer teaching in urban areas than in rural communities especially because of the monthly stipends rural community teachers receive as salary.

Education is really important and its effect can never be sidelined. Education is every child’s right.

We are calling for urgent attention from both The people and the government to look into the cases of poor Education rates in rural communities and do all that they can to alleviate these problems.

Better roads should be built, to help these young ones transport themselves.

More teachers need to be employed and empowered. Parents should be educated to see the importance of Education, this way they can educate their children as well.

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