Educating The Less Privileged Children

IGNITING HOPE FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGED INITIATIVE  is officially partnering with “Silent Donor” to accept donations to allow out-of-school children access to education in Nigeria. 

20.5 million children are out-of-school children in Nigeria. Giving through “Silent Donor” will help us to build classroom blocks, start a school feeding program, provide Educational Materials like Exercise Books, Pens, Pencils,School Shoes, School Bags, Uniforms etc, and offer more out-of-school children access to education in Nigeria.

Just like in other advanced economies of the world, educating the less privileged children in Nigerian society  is a right and not a privilege. Refusing to offer education to those unfortunate ones whose only misfortune stems from poor parentage, the world definitely spells doom for society. Educating the less privileged anywhere in the world would conform to one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs 4) of the United Nations. lack of education leads to poverty because everyone without education is living in extreme poverty. But most of children, youths and women living in extreme poverty in Nigeria lack basic education.

 How Do You Educate the Underprivileged? 

Educating the less privileged will give them the opportunity to learn not only to read and write but to expose them to the realities of the world in which they live, including advances made in the realm of science and technology so far. Such effort that is given to the less privileged in Nigerian society education will ultimately make them become useful citizens who will, using the education acquired, contribute meaningfully to the society, giving enabling environment.

IGNITING HOPE FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGED INITIATIVE primary goal is to equip less privileged children with literacy to break a circle of poverty.  The root cause of poverty in Nigeria is lack of education and to break the root cause of poverty in Nigeria, everyone needs to have access to education. Education helps us empower ourselves and defend our rights. 

 Challenges Faced by less privileged children in Nigeria 

There are well-known hurdles to scale through in a bid to call the attention of the less privileged in society. As the widespread incidence of poverty pervades the land, most of the less privileged, have been forced by their parents or guardians to engage in petty trade like selling sachet water, begging in some cases, selling vegetables and fruits, and child labour all in the bid to survive. And most of the income generated will go not to them, but to their parents and guardians whom they are serving.

The fact is that these young people need reorientation and can be talked into submitting to vocational training that will include tutorials on science and arts. Regular school admission for them is out of the question because most would have outgrown secondary school age. Yet these young people would have a date with destiny, for their good with the laudable initiative IGNITING HOPE INITIATIVE has developed, that the NGO intends to bear to fruition (for their benefit).


It will be safer and better to start out with 1000-5000 of the less privileged, which IGNITING HOPE FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGED INITIATIVE plans to offer one million underprivileged children access to education before 2030, should the NGO receive the financial support it needed to achieve our goals.

 With a per capita income of less than 5 US dollars, the Government is incapable of funding initiatives of this sort. Our NGO requires both Financial and Materials assistance to provide Educational materials to orphans, widowers and less privileged children in Public schools in Southwest, Southeast, NorthWest, Northeast, North Central and South South Regions of Nigeria, without which the planned initiative would not hold successfully.


Education is important for the Less privileged in society and cannot be over-emphasized. It is something desirable and can be actualized given the right situation. It is important that Igniting Hope Initiative solicits philanthropic interventions in Nigeria and abroad, knowing that granting education to those less privileged will not only guarantee their future but also help to prevent child abuse, child labour, and Violation of human rights incidence and will help in reducing crime in the society.

It may interest you to ask which organizations help with education in Africa,  IGNITING HOPE INITIATIVE remains the best Education Charitable Organization in Nigeria and Africa through the provision of Free Distribution of Learning and Writing Materials, Scholarships to youth and women. Based on the founders of IGNITING HOPE INITIATIVE childhood setbacks and challenges they dedicated themselves to ensuring Less privileged Nigerian and African children have access to sound education irrespective of Gender or Tribe.  

Nevertheless, IGNITING HOPE INITIATIVE as a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION can be supported by way of Contributions from Public-spirited people, Grants, Philanthropists, contributions from Private Donors and Fundraising. We at IGNITING HOPE INITIATIVE are desirous to continue supporting less privileged education in Africa, borne by a patriotic spirit and due diligence to serve and contribute to our organization’s quote in alleviating the challenges faced by poor people. Collaborate with IGNITING HOPE INITIATIVE to ensure 20.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria have access to education. Join the campaign to educate the less privileged children in various communities in Nigeria.

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